Tips For Fixing C# Wpf Application In System Tray


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    In recent days, some readers have come across an error message with c# wpf application on the taskbar. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s discuss some of them below.

    You need to help the System.Windows.Forms NotifyIcon control or use the Notify Icon API provided by the Windows API. WPF offers no such equivalent, and has subsequently requested Microsoft Connect several times.

    I have code for your component. That github uses the System.Windows.Forms NotifyIcon of a WPF application so that this code can be viewed at blob/master/Mubox.QuickLaunch/AppWindow.xaml.cs

    Create a WPF window with ShowInTaskbar=False, but load it in an invisible state.

    private System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon notificationIcon Null;
    notifyIcon equals = new System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon();notifyIcon.Click += new event handler (notifyIcon_Click);notifyIcon.DoubleClick += new event handler (notifyIcon_DoubleClick);notifyIcon.Icon = IconHandles["Quick launch"];

    c# wpf application in system tray

    notifyIcon.Visible is true;
    invalid notificationIcon_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)    Show Quick Launch Menu();

    c# wpf application in system tray

    From there, you can definitely continue to use WPF controls and APIs like context like palace, popup, etc.


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • It’s so easy. You don’t necessarily need windowsAbout WPF to host a component, this should be the most convenient way to inject it into a WPF application (because the window is usually the exact default entry point, which is defined via App.xaml). Similarly, you don’t need a WPF wrapper or third party control, because a SWF component is guaranteed to be free in any installation of the .NET Framework, no matter what type WPF also supports, simply because it’s part of the .NET Framework (which builds all future versions and current builds of the .NET Framework). So far, Microsoft hasn’t given a general indication that most SWF files that support loading via the .NET Framework will soon be deprecated.

    It’s a terrific little cheese that makes you use a pre-3.0 framework component and get an icon in the notification area, but of course Microsoft’s explanation for this is that in the WPF domain there is definitely no system concept inside the status bar. WPF is a presentation technology, and notification icons are an operating system concept (not a “view”).


  • Download – 41.8 KB
  • Prezentation

    This written content describes a simple push to the system tray in C# and WPF that can demonstrate the typical functionality of system support applications.

    The sample code controls the transition of a particular simulated device from the up to the down state in response to the user’s sort commands.

  • An icon appears on the taskbar.
  • The menu that appears when the user right-clicks or left-clicks the icon.
  • Launches a set of views created by menu commands.< /li>
  • Tooltip label that appears in the system recycle bin when the device status changes
  • Tooltips
  • Icons that change depending on the status of the entire device
  • Display information about a regular application
  • Display status information
  • Start the simulated device
  • Stop the simulated device
  • Exit the system rack app
  • boards

    Code is a basic structure that can beYou can easily adapt to your needs, for example, connect a full-fledged hardware device to a USB port.

    The architecture is deliberately taken to the extreme with few hurdles and a clear segregation of duties:

  • The application context object does more than initialize the application.
  • The Device Office Manager object encapsulates a (simulated) device or implements an interface that allows client elements to control the device. Separating the interface from the implementation is a great option for many reasons, including minimizing communication between components, allowing implementations to change unobtrusively, and allowing clients to test with some interface dummy regardless of that implementation.
  • A view manager whose object manages its own user interface. It has a robust NotifyIcon object, a menu, and therefore a view. It manages the device through the Device Director interface.
  • The information and state views implemented in WPF use the view pattern and the viewa phone view that renders the user interface in a Recognized XAML view, and your current data contains the information to display. the view is very heavily stored in the target of the view model. In a real application, you usually add a model that represents the original data according to the MVVM pattern.
  • Context

    To understand this article, you may need to know a little about .NET and WPF.

    The .NET class notifyicon simplifies the creation of a system support application, but is not compatible with WPF. Therefore, taskbar applications rely heavily on the NotifyIcon class, typically views, and use the WinForms dialog box. The accepted alternative here is to split WPF forms into a collection.

    You can replace WPF Forms with WinForms if you wish, but I wouldn’t recommend it: WPF provides a much richer and more productive development environment for Wearer Interfaces.Code

    The Main function first checks in the market if the best instance of the application is already running, and therefore, if so, wraps up the fact that “only o Two instances can run at the same time. It detects the new existence of another instance by creating a flat-named named mutex. If that mutex already exists, another instance must already be running. The mutex name is the GUID of this assembly to avoid conflicts with other names in system mutexes.

    bool createdNew means false;string = mutexName System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetType().GUID.ToString();using (System.Threading.Mutex is new System.Threading.Mutex(false, mutexName, out createdNew)){ (!CreatedNew) if come back to;

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