Best Way To Solve Ftp File Not Found 550 Problem


In this guide, we will identify several possible causes that can cause the 550 ftp file not found problem, and then describe several ways to solve this problem.


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    Error 550 means that the user does not have access rights to our own directory or file. You probably want more permissions on the FTP server. Contact the people who run our own FTP server.

    How do I find FTP files?

    Connect to your FTP site using FileZilla.Click “Server” -> “View Village Files…” (or just press F3).Fill in the required fields. Just note that you MUST enter something for “Search Directory:”. To apply only the directory you are in, suggestions “/”.press search!

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    What is an FTP 550 error?

    550 FTP response code This will most likely be a permanent negative response that will prevent the client from resending the command as the host server will respond with the same permission code. This usually happens when a command needs access to a specific non-existent file or to which the user does not have permission to access.

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