How Can I Fix HTTP Proxy 502 Error


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    In some cases, your computer may display an error code indicating a “http error 502″ proxy server error. There can be several reasons for this error to appear. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Server Troubleshooting Code 502 Bad Gateway indicates that the server, even though it is acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from what is usually an upstream server.

    Great HTTP 502

    How do I fix a 502 proxy Error?

    Reloads the page. The first approach is especially simple – wait a minute or two and refresh the page you’re on.Clear your browser cache.Try full incognito mode.Flush DNS.Fully test on another device.Check the error log.Check plugins and themes.Check CDN.

    An HTTP 502 – Bad Gateway Server Error Response report indicates that the server appearing as a gateway or proxy frequently requested an invalid response from an upstream server.

    In typical locationsIn production scenarios, servers usually have reverse proxies or load balancers.Imagine that the end user sends a request to the main server. However, the client cannot do anything specific directly, so it connects to all proxies and configures Client > Configure Proxy.Proxy then creates an exact connection to the proxy server. HTTP Error 502 – A terrible gateway error occurs when:

  • The proxy server timed out before the request was completed.
  • If the Connection Proxy > fails.
  • For this response, the server response is usually invalid. Often
  • Most Reasons

    Proxy Timeout

    The problem can occur when the proxy expires faster than the server to request. Imagine that for the exact request, we have set the website timeout to 5 minutes, but the proxy has set the timeout to between 3 minutes. If the request takes a few minutes longer than the proxy timeout of 3, your proxy will return 502 for a successful connection to the client.

    Confirm proxy timeout

    To determine if the proxy server (or any other network element) has expired, check access to the Firewood server. Someone can see the status of the message in the IIS access logs. If the status code is not 502 on half of the server, it means the layered element returned 502.


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • To check if the problem was caused by a specific timeout, check the duration of the same request and make sure one of the network elements has a lower timeout than the text you observed.

    Proxy Server > Server Removed

    http 502 error proxy error

    If an invalid proxy connection type is specified when starting a petition>, a 502 error occurs. In this case, you may not see a separate entry for the server-side request in the IIS access activity logs. Errors often occur when they should affect the network or service pool restart/failure.

    Recognize broken connection between proxy and server

  • Check the IIS access logs to make sure most of the request was made processed.
  • Check the target of the Windows event to see if any network-related errors or application point restart/fail occurred. This option is located in the Log > System window.
  • Queue Requests

    http 502 error proxy error

    The reason for acceptance (and usually harder to find) is that requests are not processed due to timeouts, but are queued and/or have a manageable duration.

    If there is a temporary and therefore unusual flow of requests, the server(s) may not be able to handle such high demand. At some point, requests may be queued and proxy servers timeout will not serve the request, or the request will have a very short duration (less than timeout, at least while running).

    Acknowledge queued requests

    The most efficient way to prove this is to check the proxy and server access logs. In the private logs, you can see that the duration of the request in the proxy is much higher (and reached the proxy timeout) than the system one (may not even be specific).th record for the request in question on the server). With

    Also, monitoring tools allow you to see the number of requests in the queue. Note that queued requests do not necessarily indicate a 502 error. For this reason, it is a good idea to check IIS access to timber logs to confirm this assumption.

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    What Does 502 Reach The Wrong Gateway Mean?

    Why do I keep getting error 502 bad gateway?

    What causes the 502 Bad Gateway error? Server Overload: Server overload is one of the most common causes of the 502 error. This is when the server likes to fill up its storage capacity, which is often caused by an unusually large number of visitors trying to access the same website.

    502 Bad Gateway indicates that the edge system (the server acting as the proxy) may not have been able to get a valid response or any type of response from the server boot (also called the upstream server) ). ). This may be due to several reasons, which we will discuss in the following sentences. If one of the KeyCDN effect servers receives a 502 Bad Gateway response from the origin server, KeyCDN will return the 500 Origin Not Reachable page. To better understand how KeyCDN handles many error codes, visit our CDN Error Codes page.

    What Are The Aspects Of 502 Bad Gateway Responses?

    502 Bad Gateway responses can be caused by three main reasons. These include:

    1. Unresolvable domain username: The domain name does not resolve to a valid IP address or does not resolve to any IP address. It is important to note that DNS changes can take just as long to fully propagate and become active in today’s world. This depends on the available expiration date or the free expiration period defined during registration.
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